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just another 17 year old teenager who lives in new jersey whose name is elizabeth and spends way too much time on the internet and obsesses over bands, food, animals, and other random stuff.


if you want a nice body, go get it. if you want to become a lawyer, study your ass off. if you want nice hair, pick a style and get it done. stop being afraid and motivate yourself. find yourself. find your happiness, because it’s out there waiting for you.

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Dreams would be much more fun if they were multi-player servers that other sleeping people could join.

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realest real steps to how i went from self-loathing loser to self-confidence gem:

  1. stop. just stop those negative thoughts in their tracks right now. go listen to some beyonce or something for a couple of minutes.
  2. every time you’re starting to feel self-loathing and you’re…


"How’s school?"


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do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing 

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